Presley Aronson is a 19 year old CEO of Presley Aronson Enterprise and Aqua Ocean Productions. Presley is a talented young man who had a “Dream.” He is a working actor who pursued his dream to also Direct and Produce in the TV and Film industry. Presley’s vision is to Empower and Encourage ALL Talent to pursue their Dreams with a purpose.


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Actor | Director | Producer 

Presley Aronson started Presley Aronson Enterprise in 2014 after spending 7 years working as an actor; Presley wanted to adventure to the other side of the camera. Since he launched Presley Aronson Enterprise with two employees, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, Presley and his experienced team of  professionals are producing many projects successfully. Presley just recently started another production company called Aqua Ocean Productions. Presley wants to take over hollywood.

16633 Ventura Blvd, Suite 1050, Encino CA, 91436

At Presley Aronson Enterprise, founder Presley Aronson and his team believe that true success is about more than growing their project portfolio; this top-notch team of professionals devotes countless hours each year to charitable causes. The team has made many PSA's, Presley Aronson Enterprise is committed not just to creating productions for people to enjoy, but to making the world a better place to live by showing awareness.

Presley Aronson 

Élite Magazine

Producing a Better Future At 14 years old, local boy launches his own production company to empower teens.

by Kirsten Quinn

Few obstacles can stand between a kid and his dream, and at 14 years old, Presley Aronson wanted to show the world just how powerful a group of young dreamers could be.  So before he could even drive, this Santa Clarita teen launched a production company, Presley Aronson Enterprise, in Encino.  Now a 15-year-old CEO, Presley has directed several projects, hired a team of talented teens and built a company with purpose.
“My vision is to empower and encourage all talent to pursue their dreams with purpose,” Presley said.
Presley first broke into the entertainment industry through acting but quickly became interested in behind-the-scenes work, as well.
“I love acting,” he said, “because you can have any profession you want; I could become someone else and have fun while doing it.  But I just knew I wanted to work on the other side of the camera as well.”
So at age 13, Presley threw convention out the window and blazed his own path to success.  He picked up a camera and started learning how to produce his own movies.
“I had real firsthand experience from being on set,” he said.  “I was always watching the crew to see how they operate.”
Presley quickly devoured every YouTube tutorial he could find, learning through trial and error.  And when he couldn’t figure out a piece of equipment, he’d spend hours on the phone with the manufacturer, learning how to best use the equipment.  In February 2015, Presley launched PAE with a staff of mostly teenagers and a good network of connections in the industry.
“I built relationships with the people I needed to, in order to be successful,” he said.  “Some of the staff are actors; some have parents in the industry.  Others have worked on sets before.”
Today, 95 percent of PAE staff is under 18 years old.  They’ve completed roughly six months of training, and many are homeschooled to allow for flexible filming schedules.  Many times, PAE films on weekends to accommodate the schedules of a student staff.
“PAE handles everything.  We do pre-production in the office, on location or in sound stages, and we go all the way through post-production,” he said.  “We produce whole projects in-house, no matter if you hand us a screenplay or just an idea. We also do casting.”
PAE produces feature films, TV shows, commercials, PSAs, music videos and short films.  To date, the company has nine active projects, all in various stages from pre- to post-production.  But with a 15-year-old at the helm and a staff of teens, PAE is bound to get a reaction from clients.
“Half the time, people just don’t believe that I’m 15 and running the show,” Presley said.  “We have over 100 people on set sometimes, and actors generally think I’m just a really short 25-year-old.”
But Presley is able to manage expectations by producing content with a cause, demonstrating vision and purpose behind his business – not just youth.
“Presley Aronson Enterprise is committed not just to creating productions for people but to making America a better place to live by spreading awareness.”
Characterized by his generation, Presley wanted his dream to bring good to this world, so PAE focuses on producing projects with a positive message.  An early project, The Undercover Squad is a TV show that confronts the devastating effects of bullying in schools.
“I was bullied physically and mentally throughout elementary and middle school, so it kind of hit home for me,” Presley said.  “Truthfully, it’s very sad.  Many of these bullies don’t even mean it; they may have something going on at home.  So many people out there have been through it, and we wanted to help stop that cycle.”
In addition to The Undercover Squad, PAE has produced a handful of PSAs about the importance of giving back and the true meaning of Christmas, and the company is currently juggling multiple feature films, written in-house.  So what could 15-year-old Presley possibly dream up next?
“One of my largest goals is to build PAE into a parent company with smaller firms underneath it,” Presley said.  “I want to produce and direct feature films, TV shows and music videos – and eventually start my own studio or network.”

Tolucan Times

One on One with Actor, Director, Producer Presley Aronson
By Denise Ames

Los Angeles native PRESLEY ARONSON is turning himself into an entertainment mogul. After his experiences as an actor in roles including Discovery ID’s “Murder Book” and Showtime’s hit series “Shameless” he decided he wanted to work the hardest and shifted gears to be behind-the-camera. He recently opened his own production company and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Presley Aronson Enterprise (PAE). By the way, Aronson is 15 years old….not a typo, he is a teenager and very proud of the fact that 95% of his crew working for him is under the age of 18. PAE produces PSA’s (The Gift of Giving, The Spirit of Christmas), television shows  including “The Undercover Squad” about a group of teenage misfits taking justice into their own hands to get revenge on their peers tormenting them; and a number of shorts soon to become full-length features including Ocean, a romantic horror film love story gone wrong via jealousy. PAE also has almost half a dozen other feature films currently being created. The home-schooled adolescent is a singer as well; you can hear Aronson warble One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” and other tunes on CD Baby. And, as a dancer, he has performed at various events alongside young bands like IM5 and Breaking Tempo. Aronson also writes and edits. He kindly granted this exclusive interview to The Tolucan Times.

How did you become interested in show business?
I was raised in Santa Clarita, started doing plays when I was seven and really enjoyed them. They weren’t like ‘kids’ plays; the productions were quite amazing. I loved acting so I thought why not go into TV and movies…so I did. I performed in showcases and took acting classes, got a manager, an agent, auditioned a lot and started booking roles. I must say I am so thankful that my parents have been overly supportive of me.

What made you gravitate to producing?
I would be on set and not at Craft Service eating all their donuts…I would be watching the crew film. It was so fascinating to me! Look at how hard everybody works.  As actors, we just show up, get paid to sit around and are lucky to get to perform while [the crew] works from pre-production, production and post. So I wanted to try the other side.  

How did you go about making that happen?
I had somebody write a little story and I wanted to film it so I decided to train myself to learn about behind-the-scenes, the production side. When I was 10 I got my first camera and started running around filming. I got a bigger camera every year. When I was 13 I started making my own short films and would wind up filming until 3am it was so much fun! I continued getting more equipment, making more productions, started my company and began taking on bigger projects. The beauty is we own all of our own equipment; camera cranes, dollies, multiple cameras, all the audio equipment and lighting. We don’t rent anything…that’s a big thing!  And I keep everything very neat. We have apple boxes and I don’t like when people put dents in my apple boxes! Everything is kept to perfection.

Of all of your talents which is your favorite?
My ultimate favorite part is directing. I think I can create something off paper and turn it into real life.

Which directors influence you?
I love [Steven] Spielberg; I love George Lucas. I don’t idolize one specific director; I try to take different objectives from [a variety] of directors and make it into my own.

What would you like to happen with “The Undercover Squad”?
I started creating the TV show along with a couple other projects in November of 2014 and in February we started shooting. I would like it to land on television as well as streaming and/or On Demand. I’d love to see it on MTV!

What are you most proud of in your young career?
That I have come this far at the age I am and also in the small window of time. It’s only been since February [2015] and we already have 10 to 15 projects in the works. And I’m very proud how far my crew has come too! I think that everybody should have a say and an opinion, no matter if it’s right or wrong. They should still be entitled to be given the option for us to try it. I love when people give me suggestions.  To be a CEO of a production company you have to know how to run each job: you have to know how to direct, write, run the camera, run audio, be a grip – you have to be able to manage all of that and know what you are looking for. Sometimes I don’t think of everything because I have so much running through my head when I’m trying to manage everybody and direct. That is why I have multiple people beside me to help me. 

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
Our project Ocean; it really relates to me because I’ve grown up on the water, I’m a total beach boy… a lot of Lake Mead and the ocean. I have a Boating License and we have a boat that we will be filming on!

What do you do for fun?
I surf, scuba dive, wakeboard and drive boats. I play ice hockey, was on a swim team and I ride dirt bikes. But I just love filmmaking!  

Where do you see yourself in five years?
My dream is to have ‘made it’ by the time everybody’s trying to get out of school and thinking of what they are supposed to do. When I’m 20, I see myself running a big studio and a network, directing multiple films a year.